Fun with Flower Girl Dresses wedding candy It can be hard to come up with a wedding or reception theme that has not already been done and that you really like.Though there is no harm in taking a tried and true type of theme and making it your own, some people want something a bit more personal.Wedding candy is often part of any wedding reception, but how about making it the entire theme if you just love, love, love candy?It is easy, quick, and just about everyone that you know loves candy.There are some great ways that you can use this theme to make your reception fun and memorable.As a theme, this is a rather inexpensive too. Though flowers are often traditionally used as centerpieces for wedding receptions, there is no rule that states this is what you have to do.You can buy vases and make up wedding candy 'flower' arrangements that your guests can take home with them.You can fill them with a little candy or a lot, that is up to you.You can go with all chocolate types of wedding candy, or you can use more colorful types of hard, sugar candies too.Whatever you think your guests would enjoy and that would also look great is fine. Centerpieces are not the the only place that you can use wedding Mermaid Wedding Dresses candy for a fun theme idea.You can get candy bar wrappers made with your married names together for a nifty treat to put on each place setting.If you can find them, look for strings of twinkling lights that are shaped like candy rather than just plain lights to use if you want to add something unique to the tables or anywhere else in your reception.If you are having a christmastime wedding, these would go great on a white tree and is a great way to show of your wedding candy theme. You can also keep your desserts limited to just your cake and wedding candy.Some couples like to put out other desserts for those that are not wild about Bridesmaid Dresses cake.You can have bowls or find another way to put out a selection of candy for your guests to munch on whenever they like or to have as an alternative to cake when the cake is cut and served.You can also supply small bags to that your guests can fill one up to take home with them at the end of the day.This allows them to pick what they like, if you have a large selection, rather than taking what is already put in a favor bag by someone else. If you are concerned about what type of wedding candy would be appropriate, stop worrying.You can get whatever you like.There are no rules, only that you get many different types so that everyone finds something that they like.You can stock up on your favorites for wedding candy, or you can randomly order different types so that you have a bit of everything.Diabetics may want to stay away from the candy(And even then you can get some sugarfree types for them), but otherwise, everyone likes some type of candy, even if they don't eat it very often.



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