Haitians ignore gov't ban on plastic bags Portauprince, haiti(Ap)Haitian merchants on monday ignored the first day of a government ban on the sale and general use of plastic bags and foam food containers. In a busy, crowded market in the hillside district of petionville, dozens of vendors openly sold Small Leather Goods the tightly rolled bags and big packages of togo food containers without apparent concern that they would be stopped.Some said they will keep peddling the goods if the government doesn provide alternative jobs.Others said they will sell something else if the government enforces the ban. "It fine if the government wants to ban the containers but it also needs to create an alternative,"Said innocent petitfrere, a 57yearold vendor who, like many others, buys the foam containers from the neighboring dominican republic in bulk.He sells packages of 100 Louis Vuitton Bagshttp://www.kiss10.com/ containers for $6.87. Petitfrere wondered how people would be able to eat meals on the go without access to the foam containers, which have become ubiquitous in the capital. "You have to eat, and you just can put the food on the ground,"He said from his store as coworkers piled bags of imported rice. The office of prime minister laurent lamothe announced the ban in august.The goal is to clear some of the litter that is strewn across portauprince and clogs drainage channels critical to prevent flooding.The measure will most certainly affect haiti poor majority, many of whom make a living by selling the bags and boxes on the streets. It unclear how the government plans to enforce the ban in the markets or if violators face penalties.But customs officials http://www.kiss10.com/louis-vuitton-mens/bags.html are under orders to confiscate the bags and foam boxes if they find them on the border or in the airports and seaports, salim succar, the special adviser to lamothe, wrote in an email.Succar didn immediately respond to questions about potential penalties. An assistant for minister of environment jean Louis Vuitton Handbagshttp://www.kiss10.com/ vilmond hilaire said he wasn available to answer questions.



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