Four Princess Wedding Dresses dead in karnes county crash When five men, one on a motorcycle and four in a 2012 honda civic, left desperados saloon in kenedy. "The motorcycle was in front of the car westbound on 72 when the rider saw the 18wheeler up at the intersection,"Reyes said. "It looks like both the bike and the car started to pass it when the motorcyclist noticed it was about to make a left turn, laid the bike down, went underneath the trailer and came out on the other side.The car, which was also on the wrong side of the road already, smacked into the back right of the trailer with the front left side of the car. Wedding " All four men in the honda died at the scene from multiple severe injuries. The driver was, 24;His passengers were, 25, 25, and an 18yearold who is not being identified at this time. The motorcyclist, 28, was transported to with head injuries, road rash and possible internal injuries.He was not wearing a helmet or protective clothing.



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