Reasons why Cheap Tiffany Necklaces an asscher cut diamond ring is a great engagement ring design First cut by the asscher brothers in holland in 1902, the asscher cut diamond ring is now one of the classic diamond cuts because of its distinctive shape.The asscher brothers were reknowned lapidaries who were also responsible for cutting a number of other famous gems including the cullinan diamond, now a part of the british crown jewels.The asscher name in diamond cutting was brought to international fame with the founding of the asscher diamond the homepage here company, now the royal asscher diamond company, in 1854.It was soon after the asscher brothers opened a factory in amsterdam that they were commissioned by edward vii of england to cut the cullinan diamond.The asscher cut rose to popularity in the 1920s but a revival occurred in 2001 when new specifications and additional facets were introduced to the cut for a more brilliant shine.Modern cuts now sport smaller corners and larger tables but the diamond has retained its unique square shape. Description of the ascher cut diamond The asscher cut is characterized by a square step cut with four cropped corner.An almost octagonal outline enhances the brilliance of the stone.The facets on the step cut or the table cut are cut in steps and parallel to the edges so that the diamond looks like a pyramid with its top chopped off.The ring is bright, clear and shiny and the facets usually span the length and width of the stone. Setting an asscher cut diamond engagement ring most asscher cut diamonds are set on a four pronged arrangement.This allows the stone to be elevated so that it can attract more light.The prongs are designed so that they are too wide that they obscure the corners of the stone.Another popular setting for asscher cut diamonds is the pave setting where the asscher cut diamond is surrounded by a crust of smaller stones.The pave cut is also used for most engagement rings with the asscher cut being surrounded by trilliant, princess and emerald cut diamonds.However, some elegant diamond rings come with a single asscher cut diamond that looks stunning and elegant on its own.Called the asscher cut solitaire, this design was introduced by tiffany's about 100 years ago.This setting enhances the luster of the diamond by introducing the first open mount Tiffany Rings Buy which allows the light to travel freely through the stone. Asscher cut diamonds are often paid a 10-20% premium and they need to be seen in this you may like person to be appreciated.



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